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How to deal

How to deal.

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Colour is a very interesting sensation to the eye based on the way it emits light.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. these are the seven colours of the rainbow. We see these colours everyday, but we do little to understand our ability to see them. Scientifically, there is the electromagnetic spectrum in which objects absorb or emit electromagnetic radiation.

White light is the radix of all colours. The sun is white light, and the electromagnetic spectrum splits this light into seven colours, hence the rainbow

I’m sure you are wondering, “what about black?” 

Black is the opposite of white. It is the absence of all light. The night is black light. it emits nothing at all. That is why most scientist say black isn’t a colour.

I believe colour is a very interesting concept, and greatly testifies to the existence of a creator. Our eyes behold the beauty of creation. As trees, the sky, the ocean, mammals absorb different colours and hues from the spectrum. We awe and get familiar with  what creation has provided.


A little away from science, i believe our characters radiate a colour. We can measure the intensity of our colour based on how we relate with people. Introspectively, it is the perception of how we view ourselves and how others view us. We can decipher what people think of us, based on how they treat us.

The world is beautiful and filled with beautiful colours, so rather than choose preference over colours, we should embrace all colours. Concurrently,the character types of people are as numerous as colours. Besides the rainbow colours, we have hybrid colours such as pink, peach, brown and other varieties. So also as individuals, we have hybrid characters influenced or  shaped by our genetic make up, our community and our experiences. Thus we should take people as they are, and not try to change them.

After all, can you change a tree’s colour to blue? Chlorophyll would surely have you to blame for changing its pigment and influencing the colour it absorbs from white light.

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